Specialists in: GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) and GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement)

Architectural Restoration

Robins Cinema, Burton-upon-Trent

The pictures below show the damaged circle freeze prior to renovation.

Bottom picture shows after the concrete floor had been put in and plywood facia of the circle had been erected, ready for us to fit the freeze after taking a squeeze on site then manufacturing the sections required in the workshop.

Balcony Freeze
(Workshop )

This picture shows the muffled back of the original model ready for face coat of plaster where model will be laid and dressed.

Next two pictures show the plaster face run and enrichment being inlaid and made good.

Circle Freeze

Below left:
Shows the two circle freeze panels matched up ready to be made good.

Below Right:
Below shows the panel after the work was carried out. All made good ready for decoration.

Show one side of the restored balcony freeze.

Shows the new concrete floor stretching from the freeze to the original stage.

The Bar Area Upstairs

The four pictures above show the restoration of the pillar caps and cornice, before and after the moulds were made and renovation was carried out.

Putting the finishing touches ready for decoration.

Bottom picture shows a large repair to a damaged beam casing that had dropped away from the original fixings.

Shows moulds made.

Shows craftsman making a large panel.

Shows walls requiring panels.

Pictures show the bar area upstairs where numerous amount of wall panels
had to be fitted where they had been chopped off or damaged in past years.
All areas had to be paneled in accordance with the English Heritage.

Bar Cornice

Above left:
Shows mould taken off the original cornice then sections laid down onto a model. (Right)

Four photos above show the cornice mould poured, cornice made and fitted as per original, ready for decoration.

Above Left:
Shows walls stripped ready for panels to be re-done.

Above Right:
Show the panels fitted ready for decoration.

Ceiling Repair  

Above left:
Shows a large area of the art deco ceiling panels damaged prior to repair.

Left and Above Right:
Shows the repair making good ready for decoration.

Downstairs Restaurant

The two pictures show the central pillar structures before and after the mouldings were dressed on as requested.

Pictures after decoration in the upstairs bar area.

Looking pretty impressive!

Top picture:
Shows the stage being built ready for concerts etc.

Pictures below show the downstairs restaurant coming together.
We also fitted art deco cornice around the room with walls being dressed with cinema scene paper.