Specialists in: GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) and GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement)

Exterior Moulding Work

The pictures below show the model, the mould and the exterior GRC (Glass Re-enforced Cement) moulding made to match the existing front of building.

Eggington Manor

The brief for the job was to age the stone work in texture and colour to match existing.

Above and Left: Shows the front of the building which we had to replicate on the new wooden framed extention.

GRC (Glass Re-enforced cement) has the advantage of being lightweight so as not to put excess stress on wooden framed buildings.

The work carried out on this project helped the main contractor build above an existing garage extension. Building a wooden framed extension with GRC mouldings to match the front of the building, saved time and money. The client was very happy with the end result, as were the town planners.

Exterior Moulding Work

All the mouldings shown in the picture left and below have been manufactured by ourselves in lightweight GRC, suitable for any wooden framed buildings, requiring bespoke exterior mouldings, to match existing.

Exterior Moulding Work
Exterior Moulding Work

Darley Classics Period Mouldings Ltd

Above: Making of the model in the workshop to match the original moulding on the front of building.

Darley Classics Period Mouldings Ltd

Above: Original finial on front of building.

Above: The Finial being manufactured in the mould made previously.

Darley Classics Period Mouldings Ltd

Above: Finial reproduced and fitted by our skilled craftsmen. Made from GRC (Glass reinforced cement).

Below: Arial picture of the front of the wooden framed building. Moulding and tile facia to be fitted.

Above: The mouldings are being
fitted after the tile facia.

Above and Below:
Shows pictures of the mouldings on the front of the extension.
When fitted, the mouldings were stained to age the stone work to match original.