Specialists in: GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) and GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement)

Architectural Restoration

Allerton Castle, Harrogate

Based in Yorkshire, the castle was the base for the Canadian Air Force (Lancaster Bombers Division) during World War 2.

Our project was to restore the chapel, which had been neglected for the last 30 years.

Pictures of before and after shots show the work carried out.  

Photos below:
Shows just one of the pictures taken before and after, showing the extent of the damage caused by the water coming through the ceiling for the past thirty years.

This section damaged, is one of four main central areas, which were all damaged by water.

The base caps are in place ready for fitting of the main vaulted sections.

2 Pictures show the extent of the damage as most walls and many sections had to be stripped, taken back to bear brick and start again.

Five pictures showing some of the stages to make the model of the original curved beam section before we can take sections off a mould.

Four more pictures showing the running of the model.

Bottom left:
Shows the model covered with silicon rubber ready for the case covering.

The full beam section mould was adapted for ease when fitting the bottom sections.

Making them all as one item gave them strength.

Shows before and after they were fitted and made good ready for decoration.


Above and left:
Moulds taken from the original pillar bases and cast ready for fitting.

Shows the moulds taken from the wall corbels and the wall panel section cast ready for fitting.


Manufacturing of the six inset niches.

Six inset niches were so badly damaged we had to make a full mould in the workshop then cast and transport them to the job.

Many of the bases of the ceiling vault were badly damaged as shown in pictures.

The areas were carefully reshaped to match original, then plaster wadded and skimmed, blending into original plaster.

All the panels required for dressing these sections were manufactured in the workshop and fitted ready for decoration.

Showing the damage done to the underneath of the balcony.
This is where we fully restored all the sections and the pillar tops and bottoms ready for decoration.

Over to the decorators now!!!